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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 12 10:10:54 EDT 2010

Tom Bullock <tbullock at> writes:

> Hi,
> I am sending this to the developer's list because in building a patch,
> that when successful will be sent here, I encountered some problems
> that raised some questions for me.
> I was successful in using "svn" to copy gnucash-docs to my computer.
> Following your advice,  I focused on these two directories: GUIDE/C
> and HELP/C.
> 1.  In guide/C I found only this problem:
>             Could not display
> "/home/tbullock/GC-docs/guide/C/gnc_Sample_QIF.qif".
>             There is no application installed for Quicken Document Files.
>         This really is not a problem with the Sample file, but a lack
> of appropriate software to access its content.
> Can you point me to the software needed to use the file?   I am
> concerned that without access to its content, I will likely miss or
> misunderstand something in the present documentation.

QIF is just a text file, so you can open it in any text file editor
(emacs, vi, etc).

> 2.  In help/C I found 3 XML parsing errors, though the specifics of
> the errors are unique to each file in which they appear.
> Example 1 for help/C:
>             XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
>             Location:
> file:///home/tbullock/GC-docs/help/C/Help_ch_Account-Actions.xml
>             Line Number 219, Column 2: &chartacctseg;
>                                                         --------^
> Example 2 for help/C:
>             XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
>             Location:
> file:///home/tbullock/GC-docs/help/C/Help_ch_Customize.xml
>             Line Number 1416, Column 2: &txf-categories;
>                                                            --------^
> Example 3 for help/C:
>             XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
>             Location:
> file:///home/tbullock/GC-docs/help/C/Help_ch_GettingStarted.xml
>             Line Number 139, Column 1:<chapter id="getting-started">
>                                                                ^
> The other files seem free of such errors.
> Not knowing XML, how do I get these corrected/removed?
> Should they be removed before proceeding with my patch?
> When I used SVN to place these files on my computer on Friday, July 9,
> I got no error messages.  The only message I got was that I had
> checked out "revision 19355".  Is that the version I should have
> checked out?
> Your guidance much appreciated.  If these are to be fixed and I do
> have the correct revision, then I could incorporate the fixes for
> those errors if someone tells me how to do it.

I'm afraid I don't know how to solve this, but I'd ask if you pulled out
ALL of gnucash-docs, or if you only pulled out pieces of it?  If you
only pulled out pieces then you might not have all the docbook
stylesheets required to build it.

> Tom


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