Working on building a patch

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Jul 13 03:34:28 EDT 2010

Am Tuesday 13 July 2010 schrieb Tom Bullock:
> In the meantime, before seeing your advice, I did another svn checkout
> thinking that maybe something was corrupted in the interim and that a
> later checkout would not have the problem.  The only message I got is
> that I now have revision 19360.  Apparently, that revision overlaid
> revision 19355, which I was working with previously.  I have not had a
> chance to see if the error carried forward into 19360.
> Do you agree that 19360 overlaid 19355 and I did not harm?  Or should I
> delete the entire folder and start over with whatever version is current
> when I get the old folder removed?

In SVN, the revision numbers are always strictly monotonically increasing, but 
they might have "gaps". That is, in the gnucash-docs/trunk directory there 
haven't been any changes between 19355 and 19360 (but elsewhere in the 
repository there have been changes). This means in terms of the gnucash-docs 
directory, the content corresponding to these two revision numbers is 
completely identical.

Also, when switching between different revision numbers, usually you don't 
accidentally "do any harm" in SVN. If the unlikely event of a source file 
conflict occurs, you will clearly get some messages about "Conflict". If those 
don't occur, no problem whatsoever occurred.



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