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Tom Bullock tbullock at
Mon Jul 12 19:33:20 EDT 2010

Christian, thanks! see below.

On 07/12/2010 03:24 PM, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Am Monday 12 July 2010 schrieb Thomas Bullock:
>> I will try the text file route for the SAMPLE file.
>> To my knowledge I pulled everything.  The command I used was:
>> "svn checkout GC-docs"
>> I did not use the quotes shown above.
>> Do you think that revision 19355 was the proper one to use?  I am expecting
>> that it was the most recent at least at the time I pulled the docs.  Would
>> that be a correct expectation?
> This is a correct expectation. Your checkout command is also completely
> correct.
Tom:  thanks!  Glad to have that confirmed.
> Do you intend to work on the documentation on a Windows or Linux computer? If
> a Windows one, you would need some text editor program as well, such as
> UltraEdit or Notepad++ or similar, or even the editor of an IDE such as MS
> Visual Studio. On Linux this would be Kate, or GEdit, or Emacs, or similar. Do
> you have any of those already installed? For any of the somehow weird error
> messages you quoted below, you can always open the complained file with one of
> these text editors, and should be able to see some of the "plain text" around
> the place where the error occurred.
I am working on linux currently.  I do have gedit text editor 
installed.  If I shifted to Windows, I could also use psPad, a 
programmer's text editor -- very nice.
>>> 2.  In help/C I found 3 XML parsing errors, though the specifics of
>>> the errors are unique to each file in which they appear.
>>> Example 1 for help/C:
>>>              XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
>>>              Location:
>>> file:///home/tbullock/GC-docs/help/C/Help_ch_Account-Actions.xml
>>>              Line Number 219, Column 2:&chartacctseg;
>>>                                                          --------^
> In this and the following errors, one possible workaround is to open the file
> Help_ch_Account-Actions.xml in a text editor, go to line number 219, and
> delete the string&chartacctseg; so that at least you can continue to work.
> Before submitting a patch, you should check whether this error still occurs.
> In case you didn't find any other solution, you can still submit the patch but
> notify us of this workaround so that we can remove the workaround before
> submitting this into SVN.
thanks, especially for the above.  I did not recognize that what you 
said would be possible.

In the meantime, before seeing your advice, I did another svn checkout 
thinking that maybe something was corrupted in the interim and that a 
later checkout would not have the problem.  The only message I got is 
that I now have revision 19360.  Apparently, that revision overlaid 
revision 19355, which I was working with previously.  I have not had a 
chance to see if the error carried forward into 19360.

Do you agree that 19360 overlaid 19355 and I did not harm?  Or should I 
delete the entire folder and start over with whatever version is current 
when I get the old folder removed?

> Regards,
> Christian

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