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Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Jul 12 15:24:28 EDT 2010

Am Monday 12 July 2010 schrieb Thomas Bullock:
> I will try the text file route for the SAMPLE file.
> To my knowledge I pulled everything.  The command I used was:
> "svn checkout GC-docs"
> I did not use the quotes shown above.
> Do you think that revision 19355 was the proper one to use?  I am expecting
> that it was the most recent at least at the time I pulled the docs.  Would
> that be a correct expectation?

This is a correct expectation. Your checkout command is also completely 

Do you intend to work on the documentation on a Windows or Linux computer? If 
a Windows one, you would need some text editor program as well, such as 
UltraEdit or Notepad++ or similar, or even the editor of an IDE such as MS 
Visual Studio. On Linux this would be Kate, or GEdit, or Emacs, or similar. Do 
you have any of those already installed? For any of the somehow weird error 
messages you quoted below, you can always open the complained file with one of 
these text editors, and should be able to see some of the "plain text" around 
the place where the error occurred.

> > 2.  In help/C I found 3 XML parsing errors, though the specifics of
> > the errors are unique to each file in which they appear.
> > 
> > Example 1 for help/C:
> >             XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
> > 
> >             Location:
> > file:///home/tbullock/GC-docs/help/C/Help_ch_Account-Actions.xml
> > 
> >             Line Number 219, Column 2: &chartacctseg;
> >             
> >                                                         --------^

In this and the following errors, one possible workaround is to open the file 
Help_ch_Account-Actions.xml in a text editor, go to line number 219, and 
delete the string &chartacctseg; so that at least you can continue to work. 
Before submitting a patch, you should check whether this error still occurs. 
In case you didn't find any other solution, you can still submit the patch but 
notify us of this workaround so that we can remove the workaround before 
submitting this into SVN.



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