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Mon Jul 19 11:33:32 EDT 2010

Hi, Kim Wood,

Thanks for reporting the problem. But, I still not sure what exactly the
problem is. To help others and me understand the problem, could you provide
following information?

First, what exactly stage the program aborted? Did you see the splash
window? Did you remember what is the last message in the splash window if
you can see it? And is there any error message shown on the screen?

Second, could you provide the Tracefile, which is generated by GnuCash for
logging and locate on your temporary folder. You can get further information
on this here:

Third, if it's possible, could you get the Stack trace information. Here is
the link about how to get Stack trace information:

Forth, maybe it's not important, but could you tell us which version of
GnuCash you have tried?

This might be a bug, that is, you should report it to GnuCash bugzilla: . Post to mailing list might get
faster feedback in some cases, however, it's possible to be ignored or
forgotten. So, please report it if you think it's a bug, and someone may
pick the bug and fix it for you, especially if they can reproduce the bug.

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 2:46 PM, Kim Wood <kim.wood at> wrote:

> Dear Dev's,
> THE ENVIRONMENT: Windows Vista, recent GnuCash Windows nightly build
> (particular build does not seem to be important).
> THE PROBLEM: From time to time in the forums someone will post the "GnuCash
> will not get past the splash screen" issue.  It seems to come up with some
> replies signalling some sort of DLL or software conflict issue.  Well, I
> came across it myself recently, and no amount of searching the forums,
> reinstalling, copying a range or related directories, and anything else I
> could think of solved the problem.  Even a WinPenPack portable GnuCash
> installation in C:\Programs could not get me a working GnuCash environment.
> However, my USB key portable WinPenPack version still ran happily (up to
> and
> including the most recent nightly build).
> THE ISSUE: I don't really know, except to say that I frequently install and
> uninstall a variety of open source & freeware software.  I religiously use
> Glary Utilities and CCleaner to keep the registry clean & defragged.  I
> have
> good anti virus software.  I have run GnuCash for a long time, but must
> have
> "broken" it recently by leaving some incompatible DLL's somewhere on the PC
> that GnuCash picks up before the good, clean stuff it installs itself.  I
> do
> not take RegShots every time I install something new, nor do I install
> trial
> software into a VM - perhaps I should.  I do not run GnuCash after every
> new
> software installation to check it still runs.  It should not be that
> fragile.
> THE QUESTION: Has anyone had a good look at how a good GnuCash installation
> can go bad?  I am happy to attempt to break a GnuCash installation on one
> of
> my PC's to see if there is anything we can learn that may make future
> versions more robust.  Is anyone able to suggest where there may be some
> weaknesses in the the current Windows implementation, or where there is a
> liklihood that GnuCash DLL's may be substituted by DLL's in other
> directories on the PC?
> THE WORK AROUND:  Scorched earth!  I formatted my PC and installed Windows
> 7
> on my Visa box.  Extreme? Yes.  I just could not get GnuCash to work any
> other way.  I have not had to do this to get any other important
> application
> (for me) to run in years, if ever.  GnuCash is running fine now on Windows
> 7.  I will be vigilant to try to identify how it breaks, should I have the
> same situation sometime in the future.
> Does anyone have any suggestions of areas to investigate?  I know I should
> be more careful with my PC environment if I don't want to break it in
> future.
> Regards,
> Kim Wood
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