Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Jul 20 16:46:18 EDT 2010


Am Monday 19 July 2010 schrieb Kim Wood:
> THE PROBLEM: From time to time in the forums someone will post the "GnuCash
> will not get past the splash screen" issue.  It seems to come up with some
> replies signalling some sort of DLL or software conflict issue.
> ... Is anyone able to suggest where there may be some
> weaknesses in the the current Windows implementation, or where there is a
> liklihood that GnuCash DLL's may be substituted by DLL's in other
> directories on the PC?

just in case anyone encounters this issue again: One possibility to track down 
the causes of this is to run the dependency walker (depends.exe, see on each of the *.exe and *.dll in gnucash's bin 
folder, i.e. c:\Program Files\gnucash\bin. In the depends.exe view, you need 
to switch on "Show Full Filenames" to see where the picked-up DLLs are 
located. All of gnome/gtk libraries should be from gnucash's own bin folder 
and not from c:\windows\system32 or some other folder in other locations. 

In particular, the DLLs "intl.dll" and "zlib.dll" might cause trouble if they 
are picked up from somewhere else, but others might be a problem as well.



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