Confirming that no one else is working on Guide Documentation, Chapter 3

Tom Bullock tbullock at
Fri Jul 23 15:49:47 EDT 2010

Developers All,

I just now am realizing I should have made this inquiry/request several 
weeks ago before I started doing any documentation.  Sorry to be delayed.

Based on a user sending a question to the developer's list I learned 
that the documentation was silent as to his question.  While Derek 
answered his question and the user got some help, it was clear in the 
email exchanges that this issue was not being pushed into the documentation.

I have volunteered to work on this item and have determined where in the 
guide I think the information should be placed (Chapter 3).   While this 
email is not the patch I will be submitting, it is the required request 
for a green-light to move ahead with making a patch to Chapter 3 of the 
Guide.  Is anyone else working on Chapter 3?  If so, I would like to 
coordinate with that person.  If not, can you all tell me to proceed 
with sending in a patch?

Assuming you did tell me to proceed, another question.  When making 
changes to the documentation, what is the method to let all translators 
know so that they can add the changes to their "to-do" list for their 
language versions of the documentation?


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