r19379 - gnucash/trunk/src/register/register-gnome - Double clicking on the balance column in a register doesn't resize the

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 29 06:17:27 EDT 2010

Mike Alexander <mta at umich.edu> writes:

> --On July 28, 2010 12:56:04 PM -0400 Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>
> wrote:
>> Mike Alexander <mta at code.gnucash.org> writes:
>>> +
>>> +        /* If we're on a resize line and the column to the right is
>>> zero +           width, resize that one. */
>>> +        if (on_line)
>>> +            resize_col = find_resize_col (header, ptr_col);
>>> +        else
>>> +            resize_col = ptr_col;
>>> +
>>> +        if (resize_col > -1)
>> I don't quite understand this patch (and definitely don't understand
>> the comment.  Are you saying that it will resize the zero-width
>> column?  Or are you saying that it will ignore the zero-width column?
>> The 0-width column to the right of the balance (the rate cell) is
>> 0-width for a reason and should not automatically get resized.
>> -derek
> I had a feeling I might get a message about this change.  :-)  It took
> me a while to figure out what I think the original author had in mind.
> With this change, if you double click exactly on (actually within 1
> pixel of) a dividing line and there is a zero width column to the
> right of the line (essentially there are multiple dividing lines in
> the same spot in this case) it will attempt to resize the zero width
> column to the right of the dividing line.  If you double click
> anywhere else on a header it will resize the column you clicked on.
> You can demonstrate this by dragging one of the columns to be zero
> width then double click on the line where it is hiding.
> The problem before was that it was applying the rule about zero width
> columns to the right even if you clicked in the middle of the
> column. That's why a double click in the middle of the balance column
> tried to resize the zero width column to the right of it.  I fixed
> this so the zero width column rule only applies if you double click on
> a dividing line.  In any case it won't resize the zero width column to
> the right of the balance column since, as you say, it's fixed at zero
> width.
> Does this make it more clear?  I think the change is definitely an
> improvement, although it might need to be tweaked some.

yes, thank you.

>          Mike


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