Documentation Bug 630652 created to install Guide update for Other Assets

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Fri Oct 1 08:34:09 EDT 2010

Hi Yawar,

> > 3.  What happens in XML or HTML when trailing spaces are not removed?
> It clearly is important or you would not have spent the effort.
> Oh dear. I'm afraid I'm something of a pedant about whitespace :-) As I
> mentioned in the change message, it's cosmetic. Sometimes spurious
> whitespace clutters up a repository's history, so some people don't
> like it. From the perspective of XML/HTML, multiple trailing spaces are
> simply combined into a single space in the output file. So e.g.,
> 	He said, <quote>I don't     believe you.</quote>
> would be turned into
> 	He said, "I don't believe you."

I get what you are saying here, but that does not answer the question about how whitespace is determined and removed.  Is that built in to Trac and automatically done?  Or does the updater have to identify these thru some laborious process?

> > 6.  I found two errors that I had not caught previously: one is a
> spelling error; the other is a sequence of tenses error.  Since you
> have promoted my modules, when would be the proper time to correct
> those by making another patch.  I assume it would be after you get done
> promoting my changes to 2.2 as well as the trunk.  Is that correct?  If
> so, when will that likely be?  If not correct, what is your
> recommendation?
> By any chance: discesses and damaage? Check out [5]: I've fixed those.
> If my changes in [6] and [7] look OK to you, I can go ahead and commit
> them to the repository. In any case, send a patch to the list, and I'll
> integrate all your further changes. It doesn't matter that you and I
> work in parallel and maybe change some of the same things-the software
> can handle that, that's the beauty of it :-)

Yes, discesses was the spelling mistake I found.  However, the sequence of tenses error is still there, since you did not mention it.
Please release changes in references [6] and [7].  I will make the suggested patch, a new one, for the sequence of tenses issue.

Thanks again for your attention to all these matters.  It really helps, especially as I have much to get used to.


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