Documentation Bug 630652 created to install Guide update for Other Assets

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Fri Oct 1 09:08:21 EDT 2010

Hi Geert,

> Since the target of discussion here is changes to the gnucash
> documentation,
> I'll presume we are making changes in a local subversion working copy
> of the
> gnucash-docs module.
> To make a patch I let subversion do most of the work for me. Since
> we're
> working in a local working copy, subversion already keeps track of
> changes we
> make. It's just a matter of letting subversion output those changes in
> a nice
> patch format. The svn diff command is suitable for that. However, for
> the
> patch to be useful this command should be executed within a larger
> context.
> 1. cd to the top-level directory of the gnucash-docs project
> 2. A patch should always be made against the most recent revision of
> the
> gnucash-docs project in subversion.
> In order to make sure your working copy is based on the most recent
> revision,
> run svn update (or abbreviated, svn up).
> This will pull in all changes and patches that have been committed to
> the
> gnucash-docs module since you checked out your own working copy from
> subversion. If those changes don't conflict with your local changes,
> they will
> be merged automatically into your local working copy. If there are
> conflicting
> changes, you will have to figure out which changes to keep and which
> ones to
> dismiss. Recently svn has some primitive tools to help you with this.
> Upon
> conflicts it will ask you what to do.

After a couple days away from email I am rereading your most recent set of instructions.  Truly, these are
Right on the money for me and my write-up for the wiki.  All your comments are pertinent to what I am doing
And I intend to incorporate them into the wiki write-up. 

[As an aside and a matter of good form, whenever assembling ideas from emails Others have written, is it not 
correct that attribution for the content be given in the wiki write-up? Would this be done only in a general 
way, or is it correct and better to provide attribution by each quote?]

Also, thanks much for the references to  I was unfamiliar with this website.  It's 
Information is key to working effectively and accurately with svn.


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