Build 2.2.9 on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 6 09:23:24 EDT 2010


scar <scar at> writes:

> Derek Atkins @ 10/05/2010 11:02 AM:
>> scar <scar at> writes:
>>> Derek Atkins @ 09/23/2010 07:22 AM:
>>>> scar <scar at> writes:
>>>>> In the meantime i have been using the unstable version, and a strange
>>>>> thing happened where an invoice's payment didn't actually mark the
>>>>> invoice as paid, leading to me calling the customer inquiring about
>>>>> their past-due invoice.  It would be great to be able to move back to
>>>>> the stable version.  If anyone has any suggestions to get it compiled,
>>>>> it would be much appreciated!
>>>> You should always run a Customer Report before calling a customer in
>>>> order to verify that you're not hitting bug #488035
>>> i was actually processing a payment for an already-posted invoice.  even
>>> better would be to get 2.2.9 compiled....
>> Process Payment applies payments to Customers, not Invoices.  The
>> payment will be applied to all the customer's invoices in FIFO order.
>> If you select an invoice in the PP Dialog then that invoice gets put at
>> the front of the FIFO line.  But really, payments go to the customer.
> I'm running a customer report here for the entire year and it is not
> showing the payment, and is showing a balance due.  However, the payment
> is showing up in my checking account when i do a search for the
> customer's name.

Things to check:

1) do you have multiple A/R accounts?  If so, maybe the invoice and
   payment went into different accounts?
2) Are you sure you entered the payment via the Process Payment UI?  If
   not, then the reports wouldn't notice them.


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