A Start for 2.4 Documentation

Thomas Bullock tbullock at nd.edu
Wed Oct 13 15:02:00 EDT 2010


Using the http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Release_Schedule#Feature_Checklist_for_2.4.0 I have come up with a series of questions for which answers in some way would be included in the documentation or in FAQs.  The order and shape of the questions are listed just to get the thoughts churning.  The ultimate documentation likely will take a different shape.

With the list I am asking all of you (assuming you all were involved in 2.4's creation) to give me your answers and from them I will try to shape some statements that will be of use to users of the next version.  My answers in turn will be submitted for your agreement that they are or are not on target.

Here goes:

1.       What are the differences between the data file of 2.2.9 and how the data is saved in 2.4.0?  What can you do in 2.4.0 that was not possible in 2.2.9?

2.      How is the database the user chooses  built?  What does the user do to bring his 2.2.9 data into 2.4 files?      Are there automatic conversion programs?

3.      Is it correct that each of the 3 DB choices are relational DB?  Will the user be able to see a diagram of the tables and all relationships?

4.      Once their data is in the chosen DB, will GC have a query page/screen that will permit the user to obtain results s/he uses to analyze the data in the DB?

5.      How are the user's accounts carried in the data base?  Is each a table?

6.      What makes a user pick one data base over the other two?  Do we have a list of reasons why each DB is preferred over the others?  What are the perceived advantages of each?  Is there a DB that businesses should prefer over the others?

7.      If a user selects DB 'A', will there ever be a reason for later migration to DB 'B' or 'C'?  How will such migration be accomplished?

8.      Webkit now replaces GtkHTML.  What benefit does the user get for this change?  What impact is there on how he accesses GC reports?

9.      What special instructions or changes from the former way does the user now need to know in order to be effective in using Webkit?

10.   A CSV importer now exists.  What does it import?  Is this in addition to QIF at initial load time?  Is it mainly to import split transactions?  Other importing?

11.   What are the instructions for correct use of the CSV importer?

12.   How do you describe the improved US Income Tax Report?    The wiki says this is documented.  Where would the documentation be found?

13.   What are the updated tax codes?   Is this something the user needs to know, or are they tables that are used by program logic without user input?

14.   What are the new features in check printing?  Do these replace existing documentation or are they 2.4 only instructions and users of the older versions continue with existing documentation?

15.   Eguile reports are listed as a new feature in 2.4.  What does this item mean?  New reports?  Improved way of using existing reports?  Additional documentation needed?

16.   Explain the "Trading Account".  It is listed as a new account type.  Explain what being a new type means.  What does the user do in order to use this new feature?

17.   Chinese input methods are listed as new features.  Elaborate what this consists of and how it works.  Is it restricted only to Chinese users?  Are these methods transportable to non-Chinese users?

18.   Some of the  above 17 items were indicated as still needing work.  Will this mean that one or more of the above will drop out of version 2.4.0 for later implementation?

19.   Is there an item that is new and to be included in 2.4 that is not listed above but should be?

Thanks to all for your input.

Tom Bullock

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