Doubled documentation

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Fri Oct 15 07:57:17 EDT 2010

Looking more deeply at the GnuCash documentation, I noticed that some 
chapter are almost identical in both the Manual and the Tutorial and 
Concepts guide.

As an example the description of the Preferences with screenshots is 
almost identical in both documents: this is not needed at all. In my 
opinion this section, must be included only in the Help [1] and not in 
the concepts guide[2]. In the latter there could be some references to 
the preferences section in the help where needed in a tutorial. Same 
apply to the "tip of the day" section.

Also reading [1] and [2] it's clear that the first was intended as a 
guided tutorial while the second is a description of the interface, 
commands, assistants and options that GnuCash provides.

I'm sure that by browsing these documents some other sections are 
unnecessarily doubled.

I would like to open a bug to track this change (and the others that 
will be discovered of the same type) if you agree with it. Or is better 
to track the modifications in a wiki page?
I'm available to work on this issue.


[1]Tutorial and Concepts Guide (guide folder)
As described in the markup <releaseinfo>: This Guide contains a tutorial 
for using GnuCash and describes the concepts behind GnuCash.

[2]Help Manual(help folder)
As described in the markup <releaseinfo>: This Manual describes how to 
use the GnuCash financial software

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