GC Concept Guide Review

Thomas Bullock tbullock at nd.edu
Fri Oct 15 10:37:07 EDT 2010


I agree with your thought and fully intended and intend to do what you advise.  The problem is that I have to learn how to write a wiki and incorporate its features into what I write.  

Right now that is a time sink and I have other tasks that in my mind precede that in urgency.  Cristian's mails were posted  before I could learn how to write a wiki and put my stuff in that format.  Thus, the state you find us in.

Sorry my slow learning curve is impacting helping others.


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> On Friday 15 October 2010, Thomas Bullock wrote:
> > Cristian,
> >
> > Yes, do add your findings about the po file.  I have not learned
> about them
> >  yet.  All I have picked up is that they are involved in
> translations from
> >  English to another language.  When done, I would appreciate your
> sending
> >  back to me the entire file including your information.
> >
> You are free to organize your collaborative improvements to this
> document any
> way you see fit, but at this point I'd like to point out that a wiki
> is meant
> exactly to avoid this kind sending up and down.
> I'd propose you put the text up in the wiki as it is now. It doesn't
> have to
> be complete yet. Both of you can then easily make changes to it and
> the other
> immediately sees them. It doesn't even really matter where you put it.
> If you
> find an existing page that is closely related, you can add your text
> there.
> Otherwise, simply create a new page.
> You can still discuss the text via the mailing list if you prefer
> also.
> But as I started out, feel free to work with it as you like.
> Geert

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