GC Concept Guide Review

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Fri Oct 15 11:05:59 EDT 2010

On Friday 15 October 2010, Thomas Bullock wrote:
> Geert,
> I agree with your thought and fully intended and intend to do what you
>  advise.  The problem is that I have to learn how to write a wiki and
>  incorporate its features into what I write.
> Right now that is a time sink and I have other tasks that in my mind
>  precede that in urgency.  Cristian's mails were posted  before I could
>  learn how to write a wiki and put my stuff in that format.  Thus, the
>  state you find us in.
> Sorry my slow learning curve is impacting helping others.
Hmm, don't worry. That's not why I wrote my suggestion. I surely wouldn't give 
you the impression you are holding me or anybody else back. On the contrary, 
your work so far has helped Cristian already and surely inspired others to 
have a look at the documentation.

About the wiki, the syntax in general really isn't that complicated. In fact, 
when I edit wiki pages, I usually look at other sections to learn just enough 
to make my changes.

Do you think it would be helpful if I put your text into wiki ? That would 
give you an example of wiki markup on your own work. Perhaps that makes it 
easier to understand what to do.

It's probably clear by now I personally prefer to use the wiki for this kind 
of collaborative work, but I don't intend to push you. I intention is to offer 
a helping hand, but if this is uncomfortable for you, I'm equally happy if you 
continue on the text as you are working now.


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