Getting 2.4 Released - Yes!

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at
Mon Oct 18 03:39:03 EDT 2010

On 17.10.2010 20:08, Yawar Amin wrote:
> On 2010-10-17, at 04:33, Christian Stimming wrote:
>> Alternatively, we can admit to ourselves there isn't too big of a point to
>> have the SQL backends as headline feature, and then we're almost done.
> Agreed, SQL can always be a headliner for 2.5. We can iterate rapidly over version numbers;
> there’s no punishment for that. And we can use the 2.4 series to enhance the report management
> dialog box (maybe even turn it into a tab) and keep testing the SQL backend(s).

Well, if we stick to our even numbers are release, odd numbers are development scheme, then
it could be headline feature only for 2.6 (or 3.0 and there headline feature will be gnome 3
(or cutecash with Qt as GUI toolkit)). That is at least 2 years away, if I extrapolate past

On the other hand: SQL as of now is only just another data storage, no "real" database
features like concurrent access from multiple GnuCash instances. So, IMHO, it's not that
big anyway (from a user perspective, I do appreciate the effort of the devs).

Personally, I have been using the 2.5 branch for my real financial data for at least
half a year now (with XML backend) and never experienced any problems. So I agree with
Christian to release 2.4.0 without SQL.


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