Getting 2.4 Released - Yes!

AshokR ashok at
Tue Oct 19 18:17:16 EDT 2010

Here is one possible approach.

Software applications allow users to save data in many formats. However,
there is the notion of a 'native' format that will support all the features.
Users may be given the option to save in other formats, with limited

Taking the example of Calc, if users choose 'Save As' and
select CSV, they see a warning saying that not all formatting and content
can be saved in that format. Users have to confirm that they want to go
ahead regardless.

Following the same model, I believe the 'native' format of GnuCash 2.4 is
XML. If users choose to 'Save As' SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL, they may not
be able to save all formatting and content.

By this approach, it is a win-win for both users and developers. The users
get the option to save in  relational database formats to use third-party
reporting tools and integrate with other applications. And the developers
get to bake SQLite3 integration code, for a possible future switch to that
format as 'native'.

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