GC Concept Guide Review and Wiki Pages

Thomas Bullock tbullock at nd.edu
Mon Oct 18 14:32:32 EDT 2010

Hi Geert,

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> From: Geert Janssens [mailto:janssens-geert at telenet.be]

> Yes, it's more accurate as it is written now. I have only corrected
> the
> explanation to get help on the svn diff command. "man diff" will give
> you the
> manual page for the standard diff command. However "svn help diff"
> will
> explain how that command works. 

Thanks for making that correction.

> As far as I'm concerned it's ready as it is. A wiki is a living thing
> anyway,
> so at any time new information can be added (as Cristian's po
> conversion
> information), or updated as things change.
> So go ahead and send a notice.

Great!  With the back and forth on this list, I think I will send notification only to the users, unless you think the developers list should have a (redundant) notification.

> Geert


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