GC Concept Guide Review and Wiki Pages

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Mon Oct 18 14:02:21 EDT 2010

On Monday 18 October 2010, Thomas Bullock wrote:
> Hi Geert,
Hi Thomas,
> Thank you again for the summary instructions on how to write a wiki page. 
>  I finally got time to see what you had done.  I made only a couple of
>  cosmetic tweaks and a few words to clarify something I had missed.  Thanks
>  also for making the page editable in sections versus the entire page in
>  one pass.  How did you make that happen?
Another nice feature you get for free with mediawiki. I didn't have to do 
anything but making sure to define sections using the ==...== or ===...=== 

> Using the above and the new page will be a very practical wiki tutorial for
>  me going forward.  I very much appreciate your setting this up.
I'm happy it will help you.

> > Notes on step 6: your explanation here is a bit misleading. "svn dif"
> > doesn't
> > contact the online repository. It uses the local working copy's
> > metadata
> > (which can be found in the hidden directory .svn) to determine what
> > has
> > changed since the last time you ran svn update. It is the svn update
> > command
> > that connect to the online repository to retrieve any new changes. So
> > if you
> > wish to view the changes you made compared to the status of the online
> > repository, you should start with an svn update, and then run svn
> > diff.
> I have integrated these ideas into Notes for step 6.  Please verify I have
>  captured your ideas.  Basically, I have rewritten this entire Notes for
>  step 6 section.  I hope it flows more logically and smoothly.
Yes, it's more accurate as it is written now. I have only corrected the 
explanation to get help on the svn diff command. "man diff" will give you the 
manual page for the standard diff command. However "svn help diff" will 
explain how that command works. I understand this is very confusing, but diff 
and svn diff are two completely different commands although they have similar 

> > (Forgive me if my writing is a little compact. I should be in bed by
> > now...)
> Privately, I wondered how you and a couple others do all you do.  You must
>  have a small sleep requirement! :-))
Unfortunately no. When I exaggerate, I tend to sweat it out the day after ;)

> > Geert
> When you think this is ready for users, I will send a notice to the user's
>  list about the wiki page.  Right now, especially since I rewrote the one
>  section, I want to be sure I have not lost something and do have all the
>  essential pieces in right order.
> Thanks again for your help and support.
As far as I'm concerned it's ready as it is. A wiki is a living thing anyway, 
so at any time new information can be added (as Cristian's po conversion 
information), or updated as things change.

So go ahead and send a notice.

Thank you in the first place for gathering and writing down all this "first-
steps" information.


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