Unexpected XML errors found

Cristian Marchi cri79 at libero.it
Tue Oct 19 13:37:17 EDT 2010

Yes I know this problem. It was introduced when I patched all documents 
in order to mark the entity &app; with the markup <application>. I've 
already resolved this problem for ch_basics.xml but I have not yet 
checked other files for the same error.

Just to explain you where the problem reside, this error is due to the 
fact that in some markup is not allowed as child the <application> markup

For exmple: <orgname><application>&app;</application> Documentation 
Team</orgname> is not allowed
The right markup is: <orgname>&app; Documentation Team</orgname>

Feel free to correct this errors when you find them


Il 19/10/2010 19:25, Thomas Bullock ha scritto:
> Developers,
> Working on my next patch (a tweak to what I previously installed) I noted that a couple of chapter references had been left out of Chapter 1 - Basics.  So I thought I would add the reference to both Budgets and Other Assets.
> When I ran the 'xmllint' command, I got 18 xml errors: 14 relating to gnucash-guide.xml and the remaining 4 relating to ch-basics.xml
> All of the 18 errors are essentially worded in this manner:
> 	"Element (name of element):validity error - element application is not declared in (name of element) list of possible children."
> Where I say (name of element) a different element is named for the spot in the file identified by the line number given for the error.
> This sounds to me as an xsl or dtd problem.  Would that be correct?
> Any suggestions how I can remove these errors?
> Thanks.
> Tom
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