Wiki Page Formatting

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Wed Oct 20 08:57:24 EDT 2010


Thanks for pointing out the wiki functional guidelines: separation of structure and presentation.  

> This is not completely accurate in my opinion. Just like docbook,
> wiki's are
> designed to separate your document structure from your document
> presentation.
> The idea is that the writer focuses on the structure and content and
> doesn't
> have to worry about what it will look like.
> To finally display the document, a stylesheet is applied (again, this
> is both
> for docbook and wikis). It's the stylesheet writer's responsibility to
> make
> sure the pages look good. So even a wiki has the potential to have
> beautiful
> page design and typography.

Does the wiki foundation have guidelines for style sheet creation?  Or is this another application of CSS?

> >
> > [1]
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> Even if off-topic, I'm glad you sent it along. I didn't know about
> this one.
> Geert



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