Bug 632594 created; review, approval, commit requested

Yawar Amin yawar.amin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 14:55:15 EDT 2010

Hi Tom,

On 2010-10-20, at 13:39, Thomas Bullock wrote:

> […]
> When I ran the first svn diff I found many changes needed to gnucash-guide.xml.  Cristian Marchi's reply let me find the way to correct those.  I ran another xmllint and found still 2 more xml errors.  I fixed those and thought they would be in the next diff output.  Part of what confused me is that my changes.patch (the one attached to the bug) had to have been changed by both Cristian's svn updates and my own.

This is a really tricky svn behaviour if you weren’t actively expecting it, I never would have thought of it myself. Lesson learned for all of us! :-)

>  In the last instance the ch_basics.xml file now has changes to fix line breaks, which is different than the original content of that file.   That probably happened either to Yawar or Cristian doing svn updates.

Not sure how the line breaks got into the patch … anyway, we can set the re-wrapping and reformatting commits to a future effort to keep all the cosmetic changes together.

> […]
>> The overview will always show continuous numbering even if you delete
>> a
>> chapter. The chapter numbering is dynamic. At best you could see the
>> last
>> number has gone missing.
> I did not know that either.  It sounds strange.  I expect if chapter 14 is missing, its number would  be skipped.  
> Elsewhere in the documentation you have to refer to each specific chapter if you want it mentioned.

Think about it–we don’t have to worry about the chapter numbering–we just refer to chapters by their IDs (<xref linkend=“chapter_oth_assets”/>–meaning ‘put in a reference here to the Other Assets chapter’) and let the software worry about the numbering.

>> You could check in your original xml file if you have still linkends
>> for both
>> chapter_bus_pay and chapter_budgets. The patch suggests you don't.
> You are exactly right -- chapter_bus_pay was missing there!  This is really sneaky, at least for the uninitiated.  Well, I have  been burned.  Thanks for explaining how it happened.  I see why you or John early on suggested running many small patches rather than few large ones.  It is very easy to get tripped up.

Well, editing mistakes can happen from time to time too. I’ve made plenty of patches where I keep noticing errors and correcting them, one after the other.

> Thank you for the careful review of my issues.  I will try to be more careful as I go forward.

Hang in there, I’d say you’re almost a GnuCash docs veteran by now :-)



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