GnuCash trunk r20559 mingw build failed

Nitish Kumar nitish at
Tue Apr 12 06:18:49 EDT 2011

> What version of Windows are you using, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit ?

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

This seems to be mingw specific issue. I have gcc-mingw And as you
guess, this doesn't seem to support %llu format specifier. I replaced it
with %I64u and it works. But still could not complete the build as there is
the same issue of %ll in other files like /backend/xml/sistp-utils.c line

I see the wiki tells mingw specific instructions, but the nightly build has
been running fine since Phil has added code. But the wiki also tells the
instructions are old, so things might have changed for night builds, so I am
eager to know which compiler is used for nightly builds, gcc-mingw or msvcrt
or something else?

PS: If the nightly build does use MinGW, I would like to know the version of
gcc port it is using and any flags being used with gcc.

PPS: tells mingw does not support C99 standards
and further in faq (search for %ll)
"You should use %I64 instead of %ll when using msvcrt."
But pathcing that on the whole of GnuCash would not be feasible, since that
would violate C99.

At this point, I would like to know a bit of specifics about nightly build

- Nitish

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