AUDIT: r20568 - gnucash/trunk/src - Bug #613502: Summary bar total display uses wrong currency

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Apr 19 16:23:25 EDT 2011

Am Dienstag, 19. April 2011 schrieb Geert Janssens:
> (Deliberately top-posting because the original message is somewhat long)
> I'm very happy with this patch, thanks ! It was on my to do list but I
> never got to actually write code for this bug.
> I notice this one is marked for backporting. This may be slightly tricky
> because the 2.4 branch doesn't have an assistant-hierarchy.c source file.
> It does have a druid-hierarchy.c file though which is equivalent, but
> based on the obsolete GnomeDruid functionality instead of the GtkAssistent
> replacement.
> The code can be backported (as the modified functions in essence haven't
> changed much in the conversion from Druid to Assistant), but not without
> manual intervention.

If the backporting is somewhat tricky, and it doesn't fix a critical bug, we 
can just as well ignore the BP proposal. I didn't think of the assistant-
hierarchy.c renaming when adding the BP, but now I remember. In that case, I 
think we just leave it in trunk.



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