GnuCash Dev teams

Sebastien Daniel sebastien.daniel at
Tue Feb 1 10:32:55 EST 2011

Hello to all Devs.

I recently joined the GnuCash -devel list, hoping I could contribute in 
some manner.

The experience I can give is related to business management, accounting 
and my academics, which are in the field of business administration and 
information technologies.
As a note, I am by no means a developper, I only know html/CSS (for now).

This is also my first shot at contributing in an opensource project, so 
my methods might not be the most appreciated, if so, simply point it out 
(nicely pls :P ) and i'll adapt.

My first contribution would be to attempt a certain form of 
organisation, this being on a voluntary basis, everyone should make 
their own decision on which "team" they would want to be.

*The idea:
*Have two teams, each contributing in a different manner.
Team A would work on known issues, bugs and stability.
Team B would work on fonctionnality requests, general GnuCash improvement.

I believe this would help drive GnuCash efforts all in the same 
direction (in sorts).
This is an idea, please give your feedback.


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