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Tue Feb 1 16:09:27 EST 2011

Am Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011 schrieb Sebastien Daniel:
> Finally, to add to my knowledge of the project, is there a source of
> information which states the known issues, current projects etc?

As Geert said: Bugzilla is the most definive collection of open items that we 
really work on, on a "per-feature" or "per-bug" level.

Both the "wishlist" or "roadmap" pages in the wiki are significantly less 
important. In particular the "wishlist" page in the wiki is in my opinion far 
too unstructured and too large to be of any use anymore. (Hint: If you think 
you can give it a better structure, go ahead and do it. That can be your first 
contribution here.) Hence, my decision is what volunteers in such a volunteer 
project usually do: I decided to ignore that wiki "wishlist" page altogether 
because I consider that a waste of time. Yes: I don't read that Wishlist page. 
If people want to have some feature fixed that I feel responsible for, they 
need to file a bugzilla item that will be assigned to the respective 
components, and *those* I do read. But that's just my way of dealing with the 
different communication channels. Other developers have a different view here, 
I guess.

I've explained *my* way of handling bugzilla items recently

As for the "current projects": I recommend reading the following email  

* "Next release 2.4.1? Branching stable and trunk sooner or later?"
which resulted in not as much a decision as I had hoped, but we can live with 
that, too.

* "Future of Gnucash"
and of course I can recommend my own write-up there: "Most productive platform 
(programming language and toolkit)?"

To my surprise, there does not seem to have been any other high-level 
discussion about the future of the project in 2010 apart from those mentioned 
above (and the cutecash announcement, linked from , in March). Obviously this isn't the 
strong part of our project, but we've known that before.

Best Regards,


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