Three projects for Gnucash

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Feb 6 05:11:22 EST 2011

Am Samstag, 5. Februar 2011 schrieb Ryan M. Ward:
> 1) Implementing a way of storing receipt images (scanned or from a cell
> phone, etc....) in a database- referenced by transaction (IE from the
> ledger, you would have the option of looking up the reciept associated
> with a particular transaction, and/or querying a collection of
> transactions and collecting all of their associated receipts- my thought
> here is mainly for income tax purposes- I do not envision GNUCash being a
> tax preparer, but this database would be nice for this and other purposes)

A very valid point, and this point has also been proposed regularly. If you plan to go ahead on 
this feature, I strongly suggest to continue the discussion on that particular 
bugzilla item so that it's all in one place. Also, feel free to submit code 
patches as attachment to those bugreports, which we will happily review and 
probably apply to our SVN.

> 2) Implementing an interface between Android/iPhone applications and
> Gnucash- at this point I am thinking via PC/USB connection


For completeness as John already pointed out:

> 3) Extending the functionality of the budget system (which I very much
> like) to include more automatic setup for home budget users, credit card
> payoff plans, etc....

Sure. Again, feel free to submit code patches, preferably as attachment to 
some bugzilla items, which we will happily review and apply to our SVN.

Best Regards,


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