Register problem in 2.4.1 - release BLOCKED

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Feb 6 14:48:25 EST 2011

Am Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
> I am using tagged 2.4.1 and have a problem which blocks its release.

Ok, the release will have to wait, then.

> If
> I enter a transaction with 2 splits, and the other account is open
> already, the split doesn't show up.  However, if I alter the sort order
> (maybe do anything which affects which splits are shown), it suddenly
> appears.  In gnucash.trace, I see "CRIT <Gtk> gtk_widget_is_ancestor:
> assertion `ancestor != NULL' failed" which might be related.
> Please look back over the checkins you have made to see if any of them
> might have introduced this problem.

I have been seeing this CRIT warnings for quite some time by now. Probably on 
the order of 4-8 weeks. I thought those responsible for this part of the code 
would see those warnings as well and get to fix them, but apparently this 
hasn't happened. (However, this might go on me as well because it might have 
been introduced by some patch that I've committed...)

Note: It helps to redirect the trace output to stderr instead of some hidden 
file that won't be seen anyway. To do that, I have a file 
$HOME/.gnucash/log.conf that contains the following lines:


I would suggest all core developers to set up something similar so that CRIT 
gtk warnings are visible to all of us. Thanks!



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