Three projects for Gnucash

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Sun Feb 6 15:19:29 EST 2011

On 05 Feb 2011, at 11:09 PM, Ryan M. Ward wrote:

> 1) Implementing a way of storing receipt images (scanned or from a  
> cell phone, etc....) in a database- referenced by transaction (IE  
> from the ledger, you would have the option of looking up the reciept  
> associated with a particular transaction, and/or querying a  
> collection of transactions and collecting all of their associated  
> receipts- my thought here is mainly for income tax purposes- I do  
> not envision GNUCash being a tax preparer, but this database would  
> be nice for this and other purposes)

Something simple and straightforward would be the ability to store the  
URL of the receipt/invoice against the particular entry, rather than  
the whole invoice itself.

We store all invoices in svn (but invoices could be stored in git, or  
just as files-on-disk or files-on-webserver), and the corresponding  
URL stored.

Functionality could then exist to display the corresponding document,  
or to flag which documents are missing (return 404), etc.


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