Gtk 2.2 and Webkit to use Aqbanking 5 on Windows - How can I contribute?

Matthias Gruhn ma-gruhn at
Thu Feb 10 15:40:40 EST 2011

Hello there!


As Phil and Christian discussed already

and as Christian told me today in:,

Gtk 2.2 is needed to use Aqbanking 5 which has great new improvements. 

As far as I understood, we need to compile Webkit via Gtk 2.2 on Win 32. 


@Phil: What where the "adventure" you spoke of in December? :

>I'm going to see if I can build an updated webkit binary for win32 soon.

> Unfortunately, it's a bit of an adventure.


My question here is: How can I help accelerating the process here? What is
to do exactly?

I have Gtk 2.22 running on my Win XP SP3, the gtk-demo works. How do I have
to procede?



With best regards,


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