Gtk 2.2 and Webkit to use Aqbanking 5 on Windows - How can I contribute?

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Thu Feb 10 16:10:19 EST 2011

Where to start...

What we need is webkit/gtk compiled for win32 using the mingw environment.  
webkit can be compiled for win32 (obvious since that is the engine used by 
Google Chrome).  Webkit/gtk builds on the core webkit project to provide 
gobject/glib APIs for webkit as well as other gnu/gnome technologies (soup, 

I can go through the various problems I have run into in the past.  I haven't 
tried building from scratch lately, so don't know which of these are historical 
problems and which still exist.

Problem 1: when I have tried to just download a webkit/gtk tarball, there are 
win32 conflicts with gtk e.g. cases where #if WIN32 and #if GTK are in the wrong 
order.  Most of the webkit/gtk work seems to happen on linux where they don't 
run into this.  I haven't tried recently, but this has been a problem in the 

Solution: there are some fedora and opensuse source RPMs for mingw32-webkitgtk 
or other patch sets which handle these (or most of these?)

Problem 2: When I first started to try to build, I started by stripping 
everything out of webkit because I figured that would have the best chance of 
working.  However, certain combinations of options seem not to be supported 
because the conditional compilation in the code hasn't been tried with all 

Problem 3: Trying to find dependencies.  I quickly found that when trying to 
compile on a win32 platform (e.g. the way gnucash itself is compiled), I found 
that some of the dependencies required by webkit/gtk were not available at the 
required version level (they seemed to use bleeding-edge versions of libsoup, 
for example, beyond those available on

Now, starting with fedora 14, there is a mingw32-webkitgtk binary package, as 
well as mingw32-gtk2 and other dependencies.  Great.  However, there may be 
run-time problems since the gcc compiler supports 2 different exception 
mechanisms.  The fedora package is built with 1 but the mingw compiler I have 
supports the other.  They seem to be incompatible, and I haven't been able to 
find a mingw compiler to match the webkitgtk binary package.

Well, maybe we can cross-compile gnucash on fedora14.  Nope.  They don't have a 
mingw32-gnome2 package.

I'll keep trying to find a combination that works.  If you can help, great.

I used to be a hypochondriac AND a kleptomaniac. So I took something for it.

From: Matthias Gruhn <ma-gruhn at>
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Sent: Thu, February 10, 2011 3:40:40 PM
Subject: Gtk 2.2 and Webkit to use Aqbanking 5 on Windows - How can I 

Hello there!

As Phil and Christian discussed already

and as Christian told me today in:,

Gtk 2.2 is needed to use Aqbanking 5 which has great new improvements. 

As far as I understood, we need to compile Webkit via Gtk 2.2 on Win 32. 

@Phil: What where the "adventure" you spoke of in December? :

>I'm going to see if I can build an updated webkit binary for win32 soon.

> Unfortunately, it's a bit of an adventure.

My question here is: How can I help accelerating the process here? What is
to do exactly?

I have Gtk 2.22 running on my Win XP SP3, the gtk-demo works. How do I have
to procede?

With best regards,


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