GnuCash - Year End Questions

Winslow von Maur winslowvm at
Thu Jul 7 07:06:48 EDT 2011

Several questions
1.       Do I have to reconcile?
2.       How do I update to the newest version of gnucash without losing my data in this new version?  Do I have to do some type of export from old gnu and then import to the new gnu (if so, then how?)?
3.       My year end is May 31.  How do I close the fiscal year?
4.       My year begins on June 1st.  How do I start the new year?
I am not an accountant, but learning on the fly with the most basic needs.  Do you have step by step info (youtube/pdf….) to help me find the info.  I seem to be reading up on lots of other info and not finding the right info for me.
I hope you can help me. Thank you.
in Switzerland 		 	   		  

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