GnuCash Documentation 2.4.1 in .epub and .mobi format

SASAKI Suguru sss.sonik at
Fri Jul 8 07:39:50 EDT 2011


Thanks for reviewing.

2011-07-08 Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>:
> Ok, I have taken a closer look your your tweaks.
> I have a few questions:
> 1. I notice you use a ruby script to convert to epub. Why did you choose that
> instead of the standard docbook xsl transformation ? The epub stylesheet is
> not part of our repository because we never used it before, but it can be
> added easily.

I know that we can convert DocBook to XHTML with standard XSLT,
and then convert XHTML to EPUB with somthing like calbre.

This Ruby script came from DocBook project(, and packaged as dbtoepub
in Debian (sid)).
README about this script at
<URL:> says,

  | These are XSL stylesheets for transforming DocBook XML document
  | instances into .epub format.
  | [...]
  | An alpha-quality reference implementation (dbtoepub) for a DocBook to .epub
  | converter (written in Ruby) is available under bin/.

They say these scripts and XSL stylesheets are alpha-quality,
but I think this is somewhat specialized for EPUB generation
and we can get better results with these
than going through DocBook -> XHTML -> EPUB on our own.

> 2. The mobi format appears to be created using a conversion tool that is
> shipped with calibre on my Fedora system. This is fine in itself, but it would
> be useful if you could add a note about this in the README file. That would
> help people that want to generate mobi formatted documentation.

We need some notes in README and some tweak in spec file for packaging.
I'll work on that.

Best regards,

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