Support to fiscal special devices or printers

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 28 11:10:44 EDT 2011


"Gustavo J. Zamorano S." <gzsuniq at> writes:

> I would like to know if gnucash currently supports those special
> devices some governments are forcing us to use for a better control of
> taxes.
> In Panama, according to a new law, such devices will have to be used
> starting on  Sept, 30.
> Those devices have an internal memory that collects information of all
> invoices.  The accounting or POS program must send details of each
> invoice to it and wait for a response.  Response will have the invoice
> number assigned by the device  and correct tax calculation.
> Periodically, government officers will collect data stored in that
> memory.
> One brand Panama has certified to use is Bixolon.  I do not have exact
> model yet.
> Developers are crazy now trying to understand how their applications
> should support those printers.  Accounting and POS applications must
> support those devices as soon as possible.
> Please contact me if you need more details on those devices. I am
> trying to collect more information as well.

At this time no, GnuCash has no support for these kinds of devices, and
as far as I know nobody is working on support for these kinds of
devices.  If you want to help ADD support for these devices you are
welcome to do so.  Patches work best, but supplying test frameworks
would also be useful.

However I doubt that the general GnuCash developer population will find
it interesting enough to work on a Panama-specific issue.

I hope this helps,

> Thanks.
> Gustavo Zamorano


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