Git Migration: github with svn access

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Nov 7 04:54:21 EST 2011

Zitat von Derek Atkins <derek at>:
>>> We've been using the Github repos pretty successfully for 8 months or so
>>> now. I think all of the main committers this year (meaning more than a
>>> commit or so per month ) are using it. Meanwhile, Derek has upgraded the
>>> servers and moved them to a new location, so there should be no
>>> technical barrier to switching to git for the main repository.
>> I'd love to see git to be the main repository.
>> Would that mean we drop the svn repo ? The windows automatic build scripts
>> still depend on svn and won't work with git.
> Right now the web site update, docs nightly build script, doxygen nightly
> build script, and win32 nightly build script all depend on SVN.  All this
> infrastructure would need to migrate over to git.
> Would we continue to host the main git repo on Github?  Or would we keep
> the main repo on  If the latter, we would need to figure
> out how to authorize pushing as well.

My suggestion is to move the main git repo also to a github one, and  
not maintaining our own source code server. My reasons for this is an  
easier administration of adding main commit access, and also a much  
easier handing over of the administration priviledges itself - which  
is currently "hard coded" to Derek as the root account owner on the  
gnucash box.

If we decided to move not only to git, but also to github, we'd solve  
most of the build script integration issues: github offers the  
additional feature of accessing its git repos also by a svn client, see

I think only the website set-up needs some more work. All other  
integration only depends on the availability of a svn checkout, which  
would already be there on github.



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