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Tue Nov 15 22:16:02 EST 2011

Hi Derek,

On 2011-11-15, at 20:43, Derek Atkins wrote:

>> […]
> My preference would be to move it out of Yawar's user page onto a real
> page and then we could link from there.  Or better yet, let's get the
> changes into the sources themselves so we could use sometihng like
> doxygen to generate the docs.

I’d be happy to see my reference merged into the doxygen reference. What I was trying to do on my page was compile an API reference from the report developer’s point of view–maybe something of a broad target, but I felt that the doxygen reference kind of drops you in at the deep end and lets you figure everything out for yourself. Maybe I should see if I can point towards specific parts of the doxygen API docs for specific goals, like if you want to get an account balance, look at this, that and that function … .

Another thing I’ve been wondering: do all the C APIs documented in doxygen have a one-to-one correspondence with Scheme functions, and if so what exactly is the mapping for the function names? Is it something like:

xaccSomethingDoSomething ( C ) -> xaccSomethingDoSomething ( Scheme )
gnc_account_find_split ( C ) -> gnc-account-find-split ( Scheme )

Can I assume the Account structure ( ) is also transparently wrapped in Scheme?

Appreciate any pointers/advice.



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