Issue with new GnuCash Website

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Thu Oct 6 02:39:34 EDT 2011

Opss...didn't know that. I wanted to move images in a more consistent 
structure so I tried to collect them under a unique folder.

What's the best way to proceed now? I can put back the needed images 
under the externals folder and maybe write a text file with a note about 
these external links. Can you provide me a list of the needed images? (I 
suppose all that were previously in the externals folder)

I'm sorry for the mistake.


Il 05/10/2011 17:51, Derek Atkins ha scritto:
> Cristian,
> On IRC noticed an issue with the GnuCash wiki as a result of the new
> website changes: there are missing images.  The problem is that the old
> images used to live in the 'externals' directory which was pulled into
> other places, but now they live in the 'images' directory which isn't
> "shared".  So the only image the wiki has direct access to (except for
> pointing it off-site to is packtpub_gnucash_2.4cov.png
> Perhaps it's okay to have an off-site image link, but that kind of ruins
> the nice behavior we had before of local links.
> I suspect there might be similar issues in the namazu search page
> screens (although those screens don't work so it's kinda irrelevant).
> Thanks,
> -derek

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