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Andrew Ruthven andrew at
Thu Oct 6 21:38:37 EDT 2011


As mentioned on IRC today to a few people, I've been tinkering with the
Python bindings.  My initial goal was to make sure that the transactions
that I've indicated as needing to be paid manually aren't forgotten.  To
this I've written a script that looks for txns with a "number" of "To
Do".  Those are then inserted into a CalDAV calendar (and removed if the
To Do flag is removed in Gnucash).

This has made my life easier, and I hope it makes the life of others
easier as well.

You can fetch the program from the git repo linked off .  I have a few other little
tools I want to write as well so other things might start cropping up.

Feedback is most certainly welcome.

Also, I'm not sure if has been mentioned here already, but myself, Micha
Lenk and mostly Philipp Kern packaged up the python bindings for Debian.
They're in the python-gnucash package in Debian testing & unstable.


PS. I'm not really a python coder, but I really wanted to write this

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