A new release 2.4.8

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sat Oct 22 09:47:55 EDT 2011

On zaterdag 22 oktober 2011, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> Il 22/10/2011 14:35, Geert Janssens ha scritto:
> > I have just run a test on the Windows binary. It seems to work ok.
> I've also installed it some hours ago and, at first glance, it looked ok.
> > I meant to update the release numbers in global_params.php, but Cristian
> > beat me to it.
> Ooops, sorry for stepping in for this task. I've just noticed the news
> was on the main page and the release number in the download pane was
> old. After checking that all files were on sf, I've updated the paramaters.
No problem :)

> > Cristian, are you also preparing the announcement mail ?
> Not this time, but I will check how it turns out in order to be ready to
> write it for the next release.
The release announcement mail is a copy of the news message sent to three 
- gnucash-user
- gnucash-devel
- gnucash-announce

I have just sent it.

Since my mail client is set by default to send text-only, I had to do some 
minor layout tweaks, but I'm not even sure if that would be required if I had 
sent the message as html.

> PS I also would like to volounteer for writing the release news
That's great, thanks !

> but I
> don't know what's the workflow to get the list of changes. Any hint?

I have written a small script a while ago that helps with generating this 
list. You can find it in the gnucash repository in the util directory. The 
script is called svnlog2ul and it generates a html formatted ul list of all 
commits between two release numbers. The list can be reorganized manually 
afterwards or simply dumped as is in a news announcement. I think currently a 
previous announcement is used as "template" and the list is updated in it, 
together with some version numbers.


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