Missing plural forms in translation

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Mon Oct 24 03:33:00 EDT 2011

Dear Aurimas,

thanks for pointing this out. Yes, those split sentences are a big problem, 
and not only there. In general, we shouldn't have created such sentences in 
the first place which are split over several independent user interface 
elements. In this case, for your language it might be solved by having the 
second text field changing depending on the number, but there might be other 
languages around where even the first text field must change depending on the 

If we assume only the second text field needs to be changed, it is still quite 
a non-trivial task that is needed here to fix this: We would have to insert 
some programming code (a callback for on_changed of the spin button) that 
dynamically changes the text of the second text field according to a 
ngettext() output.

Instead, those cases should be re-worded so that there is one text field as 
the title of the spin button, and that's it, but not a split sentence. 
However, I don't know what would be a good wording for this case...

Best Regards,


Am Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011 schrieb Aurimas Fišeras:
> Hello,
> I noticed several places where plural forms are needed.
> ../src/gnome/glade/sched-xact.glade.h:171
> ../src/gnome/glade/sched-xact.glade.h:175
> ../src/gnome/glade/sched-xact.glade.h:179
> In the dialog "Edit Scheduled Transactions", tab Frequency:
> "Every " X "days."
> "Every " X "weeks."
> "Every " X "months."
> Where X is a spin button.
> It looks awful in Lithuanian (with only 1 of 3 plural forms), when
> "days.", "weeks.", "months." doesn't react to X changing.
> Unfortunately there are more places with the same design: Overview tab
> of Scheduled transactions, preferences, etc.
> Aurimas F.

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