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As said by John, I started to improve the french translation for 2.4.x/trunk branch, which sounds out of date. Does a group of french users really exist ?

I shared with John my first modifications for a more confortable local use with my default locale. Here, the second one, which is more consistent and tries to fix some wording issues. 

At a glance, strings like 'Enable extra buttons' or comment/description on Job report are missing from my current working fr.po! I guess there is also a new template somewhere, but I was not able to find it... 

I have basics of gettext, intltool, GNOME environment and I already provided french translations for others projects in the past.
I do not plan to be the french translator for Gnucash, but I should be able to quickly improve the current one.

Best regards,

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> Objet: Fwd: French translation for GnuCash ...
> À: "Gnucash Devel" <gnucash-devel at lists.gnucash.org>
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> Date: Samedi 29 octobre 2011, 22h25
> A dev who works with me on another project (Gramps, a
> PyGtk-based genealogy program) thought our French
> translation to be out of date and offers this new one. It's
> not complete yet, but he says that it's better than what
> we've got, and that he'll keep working on fixing it up...
> I've asked him to join this list so that he can submit his
> updates directly.
> Regards,
> John Ralls
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