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Tue Apr 3 05:52:42 EDT 2012

Thanks for your interest!
Latest French translator for the program is Jérôme Rapinat (romjerome at 
yahoo dot fr). He submitted an updated fr.po file about 5 months ago.
Talking about the help and guide at the moment there is no French 
translation at all so you will be starting from the ground. Instructions 
about the translation workflow are on the wiki [1]

As you will be starting from zero, you can decide if you want to 
translate the xml file directly or if you prefer to use a po-file based 
system as the one for the main program (you can discuss about this with 
Jérôme Rapinat).

However, if you need help or assistence please drop a message on the 
gnucash-devel mailing list [2] as translation is treated like development.


[2] gnucash-devel at

Il 02/04/2012 20.19, Normand Lamarre ha scritto:
> Hi
> I am interested in GnuCash, I would like to help with the translation of the help file in french.
> Can anyone transfer my name to the person responsible for the french translation. I am using Windows XP and Windows 7. If you need more details, send me a note.
> Hope to hear from you
> Normand Lamarre
> dalinl at
> (450)974-9854
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