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Thu Apr 5 06:26:18 EDT 2012

Please excuse the way I write in english : when using this language I 
understand quite everiting, but I kown I am rather bad when writing or 

Me too, am interested in gnucash, and would like to help with translation.

As I am french from France, it is possible that vocabulary specific for 
french accounting regulations does not comply with canadian regulations.

How could we manage this situation ?

Having a part of the documentation dedicated to specificities ?

Is the problem yet solved for, say, Australian vs Us ?


Le 03/04/2012 11:52, Cristian Marchi a écrit :
> Thanks for your interest!
> Latest French translator for the program is Jérôme Rapinat (romjerome at
> yahoo dot fr). He submitted an updated fr.po file about 5 months ago.
> Talking about the help and guide at the moment there is no French
> translation at all so you will be starting from the ground. Instructions
> about the translation workflow are on the wiki [1]
> As you will be starting from zero, you can decide if you want to
> translate the xml file directly or if you prefer to use a po-file based
> system as the one for the main program (you can discuss about this with
> Jérôme Rapinat).
> However, if you need help or assistence please drop a message on the
> gnucash-devel mailing list [2] as translation is treated like development.
> Regards
> Cristian
> [1]
> [2] gnucash-devel at
> Il 02/04/2012 20.19, Normand Lamarre ha scritto:
>> Hi
>> I am interested in GnuCash, I would like to help with the translation
>> of the help file in french.
>> Can anyone transfer my name to the person responsible for the french
>> translation. I am using Windows XP and Windows 7. If you need more
>> details, send me a note.
>> Hope to hear from you
>> Normand Lamarre
>> dalinl at
>> (450)974-9854
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