GnuCash for Symbian

Łukasz Spas lukasz.spas at
Wed Apr 4 09:24:47 EDT 2012


I've developed small application for Symbian (tested on S60) which 
allows users to manage their finances using their Symbian phone. (Here 
is the repo:
  It is still incomplete because I would like to add functionality which 
allows to synchronize list of transactions with desktop' GnuCash via 
Bluetooth using QIF file format.
And here goes the question - is it hard to add "reciving QIF file via 
Bluetooth & importing it to GnuCash's database" functionality?
I have never look inside GnuCash's code and I don't know where I could 
start. (Maybe someone could help?) Moreover, is it even possible to add 
such Bluetooth import functionality to main GnuCash repo? I think it 
might be useful for many of smart-phones owners and gives a possibility 
to write many of mobile ports/clients of GnuCash easily.

Best regards,
Lucas Spas

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