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I cannot offer much guidance with implementing Bluetooth in GnuCash, but I
do not think that GnuCash should have this functionality. If I were doing
this, I would write a Python script that imports a QIF file, make that
script accessible via a web server, and have the smartphone app upload a
QIF file via HTTP. This seems like a more flexible approach to me. If you
still really want Bluetooth functionality, I think this should be a
separate application that runs alongside GnuCash.

I also wanted a mobile banking solution, so I've written a QIF import
script in Python that you may be able to adapt and use. It's part of a
larger web application that meets most of my needs so far. The QIF import
script is integrated with the Django models that the rest of the web
application uses, so it will require some editing. Here's the link to that

I took the approach of making a mobile-friendly website that is mostly
read-only, so that GnuCash stores all the data, but it is available from
anywhere I have Internet access. Also, the import script above is part of a
process that automatically downloads my bank statements every 4 hours,
imports the transactions, and assigns them to the appropriate accounts.

I'm just telling you how I went about implementing my requirements for
mobile banking. Maybe some of this will give you ideas. Feel free to
contact me directly if you have any questions.

(Note to the GnuCash devs: I think it would be great to see more automation
around importing files, preferably with functions available via the Python
bindings. I realize you have other priorities, and unfortunately, I don't
think I'm in a position to contribute much to the GnuCash code. However, I
will continue to develop and improve my own solutions that run alongside
GnuCash, and make them available in case anyone finds them useful.)


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 9:24 AM, Łukasz Spas <lukasz.spas at> wrote:

> Hello.
> I've developed small application for Symbian (tested on S60) which allows
> users to manage their finances using their Symbian phone. (Here is the
> repo:**s60/gnucash-s60<>
> )
>  It is still incomplete because I would like to add functionality which
> allows to synchronize list of transactions with desktop' GnuCash via
> Bluetooth using QIF file format.
> And here goes the question - is it hard to add "reciving QIF file via
> Bluetooth & importing it to GnuCash's database" functionality?
> I have never look inside GnuCash's code and I don't know where I could
> start. (Maybe someone could help?) Moreover, is it even possible to add
> such Bluetooth import functionality to main GnuCash repo? I think it might
> be useful for many of smart-phones owners and gives a possibility to write
> many of mobile ports/clients of GnuCash easily.
> Best regards,
> Lucas Spas
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