Increasing trunk libgtk dependency to 2.22.0?

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Apr 15 15:01:36 EDT 2012

Am Freitag, 13. April 2012, 13:40:17 schrieb John Ralls:
> > However, given that there isn't any current motion in gnucash to turn
> > SVN
> > trunk into a new stable series (2.5 and 2.6), I'd say we should drop
> > RHEL6 support of trunk and instead move to newer gtk versions here.
> > This would at least enable all the preparation work for gtk3/gnome3
> > migration work, because, as discussed in the original thread, the gtk3
> > migration suggests to first move to gtk-2.24. I'd propose to do exactly
> > this: Moving to gtk-2.24.
> I guess it depends on when we're going to ship 2.6. Gtk 2.18 was tagged in
> 2009, 2 years before RHEL 6's release. Gtk 2.24 was tagged in January 2011,
> so if RHEL 7 is released next year (which is what the rumor seems to be,
> and it's consistent with the ~2 year cycle they've been following) they'll
> have had the same 2 years to get happy with it, so I would hope that it
> will come with 2.24. Debian Testing already includes 2.24 and is likely to
> become stable sometime in the next year. So if we target a 2.6 release for
> 2013 to coincide with RHEL 7, we should be OK with requiring 2.24.
> On a technical basis, Gtk+-2.24 is the final Gtk+-2 branch, and I agree that
> moving to it for 2.6 is the right thing to do. Among other things, it would
> let us replace GConf with gsettings, which would open up (when built with a
> newer GLib) using the recently-added Mac defaults backend, finally freeing
> us from the dbus mess.

Ok. I've increased the requirements in to gtk-2.24. As mentioned 
before, the code itself already contained functions from gtk-2.22, so if 
people have been able to compile recently, the increased versions in are most probably already there anyway.



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