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I'd like to try Jeff's (
utility which enables one to tweak GC invoice reports by changing
invoice template based  on HTML/CSS and Mako language which is, in my
case, definitely much easier than fiddling with Scheme.

However, on my distro (Archlinux) GC is built without python bindings
enabled, but I've problem building it 'cause Archlinux uses python3 as
default one.

Changing it to python2 as default, would make package manager utilities

Otoh, Jeff's script requires just using one print() instead
of print (based on the output from 2to3), but bindings are not python-3

Considering that GC's configure does not have something like:


option, I wonder if you can suggest what would be the least intrusive
way to pass path to python2 as default python to be used while building?


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