GSoC 2012 final evaluation passed

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Thu Aug 30 08:17:29 EDT 2012

On Thu, 30 Aug 2012 13:55:47 +0200
Ngewi Fet <ngewif at> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> The final evaluation for GSoC 2012 is out and I glad to say that I
> passed it. Thanks for all the support I received.


> I would like to continue to maintain Gnucash for Android going
> forward. Is there anything I need to know or do (like processes to be
> adhered to etc)?

Excuse me for jumping late into the train, but being user of Droid
phone myself, I'm aware there are several apps available which can
import/export QIF data, so I wonder what was the primary rationale for
your project?

> 1. Up till now, I have just used the GitHub tracker for issues. Do I
> have to migrate it somewhere else?

No need.

> 2. Secondly, code hosting. The code is currently hosted on Github and
> I am ok with it.
>     But from following the other (Git migration) mails on the list, it
> seems there is not much love for GitHub.

I tried to avoid Git for long time, but using it now happily. Github is
also OK and do not believe that for public hosting bitbucket, gitorious
or something has any advantage.


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