For The Love Of Bitcoin

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Thu Feb 16 04:42:38 EST 2012

On 16 Feb 2012, at 7:45 AM, karmicads wrote:

>>> I suppose I´d like to see bitcoin supported as a mainstream currency,
>>> despite the lack of official ISO recognition. I imagine GnuCash not only
>> I don't know what our policy is on adding non-ISO currencies to the list
>> of currencies.
> That would be a great start. In revision of this policy, I think it may be
> poignant to consider the nature of currency, as shared information about
> what the wider populous values. There are distinct qualitative differences,
> between the officially supported ISO fiat currencies and that of an online
> ´viral´ currency like bitcoin. Firstly, bitcoin´s value is derived by direct
> supply and demand of the marketplace, rather than being authorized by any
> government mandate that it must be used as legal tender. The most obvious
> problem with government fiat currencies in general, is that the extent of
> their value, extends only as far as the legal mandate of their issuing
> government authorities.


I don't see how any of this has anything to do with gnucash - gnucash is an accounting system, it accounts for money, but doesn't care as to the origin of that money.

Am I right in understanding that you want a currency code for bitcoin included in gnucash? The best solution is for bitcoin to get a proper ISO currency code, and then gnucash would just support it as an official code. Is there a reason why bitcoin doesn't have an ISO code?


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