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Fri Feb 17 11:04:45 EST 2012

Hi Graham,

Thanks for your response.

This comes down to somewhat more of a socioeconomic and political level than
the average code hacker may care to deliberate on, so please bear with me.

¨I don't see how any of this has anything to do with gnucash - gnucash is an
accounting system...¨

But I would like to account with bitcoin, in the same manner as I account
with any fiat currency.  There is a purely /*practical */aspiration at the
heart of my desire.

¨it accounts for money, but doesn't care as to the origin of that money.¨

A) ¨Money¨ is defined here in *WHO's* terms?
B) According to the existing protocol (at least as I understand it), bitcoin
is not money.
C) The origin of money is something you might like to do a little more
research on.
D) Apparently GnuCash DOES care ¨as to the origin of that money¨, as it
seems to prevent any non-fiat currency from being used as money, in the same
way as an authorized ISO currency.
E) I have already explained to you, that I cant /ipso-facto/ apparently use
bitcon as a currency in the usual manner. How much more simply do I need to
break it down, to explain that I cant use GnuCash to do my accounting in

¨Am I right in understanding that you want a currency code for bitcoin
included in gnucash?¨

Damn straight I do. And I have gone further in my elucidations of how far I
believe bitcoin could be implemented as a meta-currency and used as way to
implement cross currency liquidity.  Did you read my message? 

¨The best solution is for bitcoin to get a proper ISO currency code, and
then gnucash would just support it as an official code.¨

Are you aware of who is in control of who gets the actual opportunity to
declare their intention for ISO registration, and have it accepted? I
understand that there have been some earnest and forthright attempts to put
bitcoin forward as an ISO standard. They failed for the usual pathetic
bureaucratic excuses, notably that bitcoin does not fall under any national
jurisdiction. Apparently nothing may be considered currency unless itś under
control of a national government. Those who have the power, will naturally
oppose the egalitarian emancipation of such disruptive technology as a
boundless universal economy. This is a tool for disbanding from nationalist
dictatorships and emancipating egalitarian monetary reform. *PLEASE WAKE

I have pointed the developers to what I believe are extremely good sources
for your better consideration of this matter. But, do your own research and
tell *ME* why you think it shouldn't be included. Better yet, instead of
fobbing me off with a call for accountability on my behalf, to an apparently
unjust system, which you might unwittingly deffer too, perhaps you might
elucidate why ANY of the pre-requisites (or excuses) for the ISO standard
should be considered just or fair by default.

Are the developers of GnuCash, mindless automatons for the government
controlled fiat system of money supply? Why in the hell, does GnuCash,
require ISO currency certification in the first place? Do we *not* already
understand why open source and mutual voluntary co-operation is a superior
model of building systems of social reform? Control over who gets to say
what *IS* or *ISN'T* money is probably one of the most important failure
points in the whole success of our society. And lets cut all the formal crap
BTW. There are some bad times approaching. Shit is getting real. We need
some fiscal protection against the shit storm that is coming our way. Please
Honor, use and support bitcoin, as the first and only ubiquitous, universal,
non-political, technically an socially superior, source of money that there
is or ever was. 

Thanks again for your time, Karmicads.

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